Roulette is often called the casino queen, as this game really looks fascinating: the wheel is spinning, and all gamblers are standing breathless waiting for the moment when the ball stops. Everyone bets on the digits located around this wheel, and the gambler, who places chips on the number which the ball “chooses”, wins.

Certainly, both land-casino gamblers and online roulette players are eager to open the secret on how to win playing this “magic” game.

Online roulette practice

Using free online roulette wheel simulator (at many legal internet casinos and special sites devoted to the “wheel” games), one can understand the game sense and manage to calculate the winning probability.

First of all, it is better to understand the difference between American and European roulette wheels. The one coming from the USA has 38 numbers (2 Zeros + 36 digits from 1 to 36). The European wheel has 1 Zero. Due to this difference, casinos that offer American game variants have a twice larger advantage that is 5.3%. With the European one, the advantage of the house is twice lower.

However, only online roulette practice will let a person understand the “life” of this charming game. Moreover, the longer the person will play the more strategies he will try and compare them, the more often he will start to guess the “correct” winning number.

Roulette tips — how to play and bet

Although roulette is a game of chance, there are several tips that can significantly increase winning odds:

  1. Play with the well-known strategies or develop your own online roulette betting model.
  2. Before placing a bet, study your chances of winning. Equal bets on black/red, even / odd, and 1-18 / 19-36 will minimize the advantage of the house.
  3. Try to play at a table with bet limits that match your gaming budget.
  4. When you’ve won, it’s time to stop playing.
  5. The house edge increases when the series of games last longer.
  6. It is better to stop at the European roulette, as with American one and its double zero, the chances of winning go down. French roulette with the En Prison rule, which allows players to continue playing if the ball hits zero, is the most attractive option.
  7. Try to bet equal amounts, which will give the casino a minimal edge.
  8. The rules of En Prison or La Partage, which can exist in different types of online roulette, can mitigate the situation and reduce the house edge to almost 1%. With En Prison, in the event of a zero or double zero in the American version, it makes it possible to save the bet, withdraw it or continue the game further. The La Partage rule returns half of the bet to the player, thereby halving the house advantage.
  9. It is not recommended to bet on numbers that are multiples of 5. In this case, the casino will have as much as 7.3% of the handicap, which is much more than when betting on other numbers.

Remember that it will not be possible to completely eliminate the casino advantage in any case, but it is quite possible to minimize it.

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